Wellness in the New Year Celebrated at the Winter Social for Adults + Loved Ones

Adults with epilepsy and their loved ones kicked off the new year embracing wellness tips at our Winter Social on January 8, 2017. 

Registered Dietitians, Sarika Sewak, MPH, RD and Jennifer White, MS, RD, from Mattel Children’s Hospital and UCLA Medical Center joined us to discuss The Importance of Nutrition in General & Dietary Therapies in Epilepsies. The Dietitians shared why everyone, including people with epilepsy, should follow a healthy diet – maintains a healthy body weight, optimizes brain function, reduces risk of chronic diseases (such as heart disease and cancer), and promotes overall health. In addition to these benefits, a healthy diet may also help people with epilepsy by boosting his or her immune system, promotes bowl regularity, and improves sleep quality. View the powerpoint presentation to read more and learn additional tips. 

After enjoying a healthy lunch – suggested and approved by the Dietitians – guests chose between expressing themselves in the Studio E: Art Therapy (with Sheryl Doering MFTi/AT) or learning tips on mental health in the new year (led by Laurette Hayden, MA, LMFT). The day wound down with stretching and relaxation exercises – facilitated by Katherine Guerra Dooley of Your Truth Yoga.

The theme of the Winter Social was inspired by the Epilepsy Foundation’s Wellness Institute and the four pillars of the Institute- healthy eating, fitness and exercise, Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program, and emotional health.