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        Thank you to @frankdlantermanrc for inviting us to educate their case workers on on Seizure Recognition and First Aid! 💜

        We are thankful for community members and organizations that understand the importance of identifying and properly responding to a person experiencing a seizure.

        Are you Seizure First Aid certified? Do you know what to do when someone is having a seizure? We would be happy to offer you and your colleagues training, too. Contact us at the link in bio!

        Happy National S'mores Day! Wishing our End Epilepsy family s'more laughs, smiles, and memories of the summer.

        Did you know that our annual Family Weekend Camp is on September 30 - October 2, 2022? We are pleased to partner to the Painted Turtle to provide families with a fun-filled family event. Join us for fishing, boating, archery, wood shop, and more. For more info or to register, contact Patricia at PLeyva@EpilepsyLosAngeles.org or 310-670-2870.

        Happy Book Lovers Day! What's your favorite book? Want to talk about books? Consider joining our book club. This month we'll be discussing "Verity" by Colleen Hoover.

        Register to join: EpilepsyEvents.org

        This morning, we had the opportunity to train about seizure recognition and emergency administration with @PomonaUnified. Thank you for your partnership in educating the community about epilepsy and making sure our kids are safe.

        Is your school epilepsy + seizure trained? With school in session, to ensure our kids are safe at school, we offer epilepsy and seizure trainings for school personnel throughout the school year. Contact us at the link in bio.

        With schools back in session, we encourage families keep their children seizure safe by inviting their local schools to be trained on epilepsy and seizure first aid and emergency medication instruction.

        Request a virtual training to discuss:
        • What is epilepsy?
        • What are the different seizure types?
        • First aid for individual seizures
        • Treatment options
        • Emergency Medication Instruction training (if needed)

        Request your personal training at link in bio

        Whether you are an individual with epilepsy, spouse, parent, family member, partner, or caregiver, we have a group for you to gain support and share information. 💜

        Check out our upcoming virtual support groups at: EpilepsyEvents.org

        We love it when our End Epilepsy community create epilepsy awareness! Check out Manhattan Beach End Epilepsy Festival on August 10 at 6:30pm at Tower 12. Local bands will perform while raising money to End Epilepsy Together. 💜

        For more information, check out @mbee_fest

        A new treatment option, previously FDA-approved in March, is now available by prescription for people with epilepsy whose seizures are caused by CDKL5 Deficiency. Talk to your healthcare provider about your options and get more information: https://buff.ly/3Bp3EwP. Learn more about #CDLK5 from the International Foundation for CDKL5 Research: https://buff.ly/3BsaGkh ...

        Not too late to register for today's session!

        Did you know that 1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime? Learn #SeizureFirstAid by Seizure First Aid Certification course. Register now: EpilepsyEvents.org

        July is #MinorityMentalHealth Month. We know that chronic illnesses like epilepsy can impact a person’s emotional well-being, and that health inequities and societal barriers faced by people underserved by mental health and behavioral health resources can further contribute to stress. We are here to support you. Call us 310-670-2870 for resources. #EpilepsyEquity ...

        Did you know we have monthly Epilepsy 101 sessions? You can learn more about epilepsy at tonight's session at https://buff.ly/2SZRS7V ...

        Happy 32nd to the American Disabilities Acts (ADA)! Over 30 years ago, the ADA was passed by Congress and signed into law through the hard work of people like you, community partners, advocates, congressional champions, and primary author of the ADA, former Congressman Tony Coelho. We are grateful for the progress and will continue to seek its full promise.

        #ADA32 #ThanksToTheADA #EpilepsyLosAngeles #EndEpilepsy

        While yesterday was International Self Care Day, it is important to practice self care everyday. Here are some tips to help you relieve stress.

        What do you do to help you relax and recharge?

        Happy World Brain Day 2022! Take 5 to 10 minutes to learn the 3-S of Seizure First Aid:
        1️⃣ Stay - Stay with the person.
        2️⃣ Safe - Make sure the person is safe.
        3️⃣ Side - Turn the person on the side if they are not awake or aware.

        Invite others to join you - SeizureFirstAid.org 🧠💜

        We love this trend and had to make an Epilepsy Edition of #LittleMiss and #MrMen. 💜 Which one are you?

        Learn seizure first aid and get certified at SeizureFirstAid.org

        Your success in managing your epilepsy and reducing your risk for SUDEP depends on being prepared to tackle whatever comes your way. Having a Seizure Action Plan can help you organize your seizure information and have it available when and where you need it. Create your seizure action plan today. Link in bio.

        #StartTheSUDEPConvo #EpilepsyAwareness #EndEpilepsy #EpilepsyLosAngeles

        ¡Conozca más sobre la epilepsia!

        Inscríbase para la session de epilepsia 101 en EpilepsyEvents.org

        Parents: Want to learn more about neuromodulation including VNS and RNS?

        Join us at tonight’s Parent Support Group for information from Dr. Aria Fallah from UCLA.

        Register online at EpilepsyEvents.org


        How would you finish the sentence, "They're a 10, but..."?

        Learn seizure first aid now at SeizureFirstAid.org

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