Program Focused on Self Care During the Holidays

More than forty adults and their loved ones joined us on Sunday, December 10, 2017 for the Holiday Social + Second Sunday Group in Los Angeles. The theme of Sunday’s program was Self Care. 

The day began with brief introductions and then lead to a healthy lunch. During lunch, guests chatted and played a “human bingo” game driven to learn more about one another and something new about epilepsy. Following lunch, psychotherapist, Laurette Hayden, LMFT, MA led a group discussion sharing suggestions on how to combat and alleviate common challenges, such as stress/anxiety/depression, financial concerns, food/diet and more. To read these tips download the Self Care During the Holidaze handout. The day wrapped up with Sheryl Doering, MFTi, Art Therapist intern, conducting a Studio E: Epilepsy Art Therapy workshop with guests using different mediums to make a gift for themselves, driving home the necessity to take care of oneself. 

As one guest shared in her evaluation, she is “thankful and grateful that this program exists.” 









December 13, 2017