Your Strength Makes a Difference in What We Do

Our End Epilepsy® staff team and board leadership is a relatively small but mighty group and we are proud of our many accomplishments – within the last 10 years, we have supported 23 pediatric specialists, organized 10 bilingual regional conferences and many more workshops, educated more than 10,000 students, led 500 seizure first aid presentations in schools + community, and offered a 800# Helpline for 59 years (just to name a handful!).

We are dedicated. We are passionate. We are committed.

We also know that YOUR STRENGTH makes a difference in what we do.  

YOUR stories inspire us to never give up.

YOUR experiences drive our efforts to focus on issues that matter most.

YOUR participation empowers you and helps others, too.

YOUR feedback helps us to deliver better programs and services.

This is why we have been meeting with team captains of our Walk to End Epilepsy – they are among some of our strongest advocates in the End Epilepsy® family.

Nathan Jones has been traveling throughout our region to meet with YOU – to hear how things are going in your world, share how much your involvement in the Walk matters, and collect your thoughts on how we can we can ensure the upcoming Walk on November 6 is an event that unites and strengthens our community.

Most recently, Nathan met up with #TeamJonah and Team Lily in West Covina. Not only did Susan, Jonah, Maria and Lily leave more inspired to get involved, they also left feeling more connected and less alone.

Here is what the two families shared about their recent get together with Nathan:

TCaptainGetTogether_LN“It was so nice to meet a local family fighting the same fight, it makes it all a little easier knowing that you are not alone. It was also nice to see Lily interact, and get to know someone who works so hard to make a difference for people with epilepsy. This lunch meant so much to my family it just made us want to do more, work even harder to raise money, and awareness for this year’s walk.” – Maria, Team Lily

“I’d have to say that I felt really cared for by the Epilepsy Foundation…made me feel that you really do care about every single person involved, and most importantly about every single story! Wow! It’s so easy to feel like you’re just another person…but you really went above and beyond to let us know that you’re listening, and that what we have to say matters.” – Susan, #TeamJonah

YOU matter to us. To connect with Nathan about getting your Walk team up and going, call 310.670.2870 or email