Ultramarathon Runner to bring awareness to End Epilepsy


End Epilepsy is pleased to announce that Oswaldo Lopez, a competitor and former champion, of the Badwater 135 race will be running the race this year with the goal of raising awareness to End Epilepsy. 

Badwater 135, which is a race run over 135 miles non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA is known as one of the most extreme races in the world. Lopez, who won the race in 2011, will begin the 3-day race on July 28th and will be doing so wearing End Epilepsy gear. The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles has set up a fundraising page to show support for Lopez, as part of our new My #F2EE fundraising initiative at EndEpilepsy.org.

Susan Pietsch-Escueta, executive director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles, commended Lopez, a world-class athlete, for speaking up for a cause that is often hidden.

“Oswaldo Lopez is an inspiration with his ability to endure and succeed in one of the most grueling physical competitions in the world and using this platform to bring awareness to End Epilepsy speaks to his character as a champion.” Pietsch-Escueta said. “I am not surprised to hear how the story of Ari – who is severely challenged by his epilepsy – inspired Lopez to use this great physical endurance feat to draw attention to kids and adults living with epilepsy. Indeed most people do get involved because of the power of one story.”

The connection between Lopez and End Epilepsy began with his trainer, Ariel, who also trains Mark Borman, the vice president of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. While coaching and training Mark, Ariel met Mark’s son, Ari, who has a severe form of pediatric epilepsy and many limitations. Seeing what Ari endures inspired Ariel to get involved in the cause and find a way to raise awareness for the cause of End Epilepsy. He shared Ari’s story with Lopez and his entire running team. Lopez and his team were inspired and quickly agreed to do their part to help bring attention to the epilepsies that affect more than 65 million families worldwide.

“The idea that epilepsies are disorders of the brain that affect so many people and yet remain overlooked or misunderstood – that’s something I would like to change.” Said Lopez. “I’m happy to give back and to help bring awareness to this cause. I’m looking forward to doing my part in the fight to End Epilepsy.”

To show your support of Oswaldo Lopez and his commitment to the fight to End Epilepsy, you can visit his #F2EE page or you can follow Oswaldo and his team on this Facebook page.