Coming together, All ages

We all need to come together in this fight.

Improving specialty care for children

Expanding Specialty Care
The Challenge 
  • No pediatric neurologist at LA County Medical Center
  • Not enough pediatric neurologists or epilepsy specialists
  • No dietary therapy programs in region
Our Response and Impact 
  • Established our Care+Cure Initiatives
  • Supported launch of only pediatric neurologist at LAC+USC Medical Center
  • Supported training of 27 pediatric neurologists or epileptologists
  • Launched three dietary therapy programs at UCLA, LAC+USC and CHLA in collaboration with The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies
  • Helped fuel and inspire the growth of pediatric epilepsy programs in our region
  • Expand our geographic reach: Miami, FL will be a new Care+Cure regions (having most recently expanded into Orange County)
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Providing supportive care

Providing Supportive Care
The Challenge
  • Individuals and families affected by epilepsy feel isolated and alone
Our Response and Impact
  • Host a Helpline for 57 years
  • Hosted a Family Camp for >20 years
  • Hosted an annual Teen Retreat for 10 years
  • Offer support/therapy groups, including Studio E: Art Therapy
  • Host an annual adult retreat or social outing
  • Host annual Family Day or Picnic for past 10 years

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Advocating for decisions that improve lives

Advocating for Change
The Challenge
  • No voice for people with epilepsy in California
Our Response and Impact
  • Partnered with Epilepsy Foundations in CA to establish Epilepsy California for statewide advocacy
  • Supported passage of bill so students with epilepsy can have access to seizure rescue medications in school, and we continue to support implementation with educational material
  • Host Epilepsy Awareness Day in Sacramento and educate legislators about epilepsy
  • Send delegation to D.C. for Epilepsy Public Policy Institute / Teens Speak Up! to advocate for more funding for epilepsy research and programs
  • Ongoing legislative advocacy to protect rights and lives

Supporting research for cures

Supporting Research
The Challenge
  • No affiliate support or promotion of research
Our Response and Impact
  • We are the largest affiliate sponsor of epilepsy research
  • Active Enews and social media promote and update on research
  • Provide research updates at Epilepsy Summit

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Educating about epilepsy and seizure first aid

Educating about Epilepsy
The Challenge
  • Little epilepsy awareness
  • Lots of misinformation about epilepsy
Our Response and Impact
  • Conduct epilepsy education and awareness as part of everything we do
  • Created Big Brain Exhibit with Love Your Brain message for schools
  • Organized an Epilepsy Summit for 10 years, and re-launched it in 2015
  • Conduct Seizure Recognition+First Aid Training in schools/community
  • Offer epilepsy education to newly diagnosed families

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