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Epileptic Opportunity – Paddle for a Cause

“Epileptic Opportunity – turning the disadvantages of epilepsy into benefits for the passions of your life.

As an epileptic, I don’t believe in a stronger message.

For my epilepsy, one of the most important factors to keeping my seizures at bay is managing my sleeping patterns. If my sleep is good, I am not seizing. And if I don’t seize then I get to live the life I love – beautiful long open ocean paddles, surfing everyday, camping with my friends along the coast, getting married to my fiancé and starting a family.”

Jared Muscat, Team Epileptic Opportunity – Paddle for a Cause


See pictures from Jared’s 17 mile paddleboard ride to raise awareness below


Jared Muscat 3

Jared Muscat 4


Jared Muscat 5

Jared Muscat 2

Jared is a team captain of Team Epileptic Opportunity – Paddle For a Cause for the 2016 Walk to End Epilepsy! Show your support for Jared and his team by making a donation to ‪Paddle For a Cause!

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