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Meet two of the inspirations behind the Care+Cure Benefit — Chloe Gumpert (left) and Ari Borman (right)

A little over 10 years ago a call for help rang out. The voice was meek, at best, made from families and children suffering from seizures. They needed help. Ten years ago we responded to the call and put tonight in motion. Since then we’ve come together every year shoulder to shoulder, chipping away at our simple mission to END epilepsy. Tonight is a retrospective of the past 10 years and a preview of the next. It’s the effect to the cause. A response to a call. The cure that happens when you care.   – Read by Jake and Alex Gumpert at the opening of 2016 Care+Cure Benefit


Meet Ari Borman.  Meet Chloe Gumpert.  

They are children of our Care+Cure Benefit Co-Chairs and Board Members, Mark Borman and Andrew Gumpert.  

Without the inspiration of Chloe Gumpert and Ari Borman and their loving siblings, committed parents and supportive family members and friends, it is impossible to imagine raising almost 9 million dollars for Care+Cure initiatives over the past 10 years.

These two children and the children of other board members as well as thousands of other children with epilepsy in our region are the inspiration and driving force for Care+Cure.

In this year’s Care+Cure invitation letter, the two co-chairs Mark Borman and Andrew Gumpert wrote:

Inspired by our children, Ari and Chloe, for over a decade we have devoted ourselves to making sure that children with epilepsy have access to the highest level of specialty care, immediately!

Our families are deeply affected by pediatric epilepsy since we each have a child — Ari and Chloe — who have different but devastating forms of this brain disorder.

Our children live with profound physical and cognitive challenges, are unable to walk or talk, and on any given day can have dozens of seizures. Through the years we have seen first-hand how seizures have devastating side effects on the developing brain of children, including mental retardation, functional limitations and even early death.

The fact is that throughout the world there is a critical shortage of qualified epilepsy specialists.

Past donations to the Care+Cure Benefit are helping solve big problems – addressing the serious shortage of epilepsy specialists and the lack of specialty care. We’ve made big dents in those areas by supporting the training of 22 specialists and funding the launch of epilepsy dietary therapy programs in three hospitals. Now, on top of that, we need to fuel more research for cures in the epilepsies.

Simply put, in honor of our children – and thousands of children with epilepsy – we must chart a course which will level the playing field for children with epilepsy and give them equal hope for cures and hope for the future.

Our ultimate goal is no child diagnosed with epilepsy. Until then, with your support, we strive to ensure that all children with epilepsy can get specialty care and their families can have greater hopes for cures.

Children affected by epilepsy who face daily challenges caused by seizures ask nothing less than for us to lead the fight to END EPILEPSY. 

We, in turn, ask you to join the fight with us and the other members of our board.


Co-Chairs, Care+Cure Benefit


Mark Borman, Ari’s Dad 
Co-Chair, Care+Cure Benefit, Vice President, Board of Directors



Co-Chair, Care+Cure Benefit, Treasurer, Board of Directors



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The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles
We fulfill our mission by leading the fight to END EPILEPSY®. We dedicate the CARE AND CURE Benefit to thousands of children with epilepsy who urgently need specialty care while we accelerate research for cures. Our ultimate goal is no child diagnosed with epilepsy. Until then your support ensures that children with epilepsy can get specialty care and that epilepsy research thrives in our region — giving children with epilepsy and their families even greater hope for cures.

Accomplishments of Care+Cure
While there is still much to be done, we are very proud of our accomplishments. The previous CARE AND CURE Benefits have supported and/or are currently supporting:

– 22 Fellow/Faculty at UCLA, LAC + USC, CHLA and UCSF
– 7 Research projects (including stem cell)
– 3 Pediatric Dietary Therapy Programs – UCLA, LAC + USC and CHLA
– 16 events that connect families of children with epilepsy
– 4 years of statewide advocacy for children with epilepsy
– 2,400 students were educated about how to perform seizure first aid