Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)


SUDEP or Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy is rare — but not rare enough!  It is when death occurs without an apparent cause but which is presumed to be related to the person’s epilepsy.

Let’s all shine a light on SUDEP. Let’s all KNOW MORE about SUDEP until it is NO MORE.

When it comes to SUDEP awareness and prevention — consider the following if you or a loved one has epilepsy.


Pursue Early and Ongoing Intervention Measures

-Strive for seizure freedom. Never give up.

-Know and follow your best treatment options.

-Enjoy what you love. Live your dreams.


Identify and Utilize Prevention Measures

-Know the risk factors, including uncontrolled seizures.

-Know and work to prevent your seizure triggers.

-Know and share your Seizure Action Plan.

-Know and share safety measures.


Support Research

-Take Action to personally support and promote research to prevent SUDEP.

-Learn from research in order to understand it better. 

-Advocate for more research for cures for the epilepsies.


Share Your Story

-Share your story to increase awareness and funding for epilepsy. Your story makes a complex disorder understandable and will help drive funding to support epilepsy research and prevention programs.


Learn about SUDEP and Shine a Light to Prevent More SUDEP

Learn more about SUDEP at

-#Aim for Zero, SUDEP Institute of the Epilepsy Foundation 




View and Share this Video 

In this video, Aiden’s sister shares from her photo album about her little brother, and her Dad shares this message with viewers. 


“It’s real, it’s out there and it happens. We want everyone out there to know about SUDEP.” -Aiden’s dad


Donate and Get Involved 

In memory and honor of little Aiden, you can support the fight to End Epilepsy ( or find Aiden’s Memorial Team Page at the  

Regardless of where you donate, all donations for Aiden will go to his Team page.