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The hands of those who live with epilepsy and those who care are connected in this fight.

Help is here.   

Helpline+Referral to Care

Through our website, phone and email/mail, we offer information, referral and resources 24/7 to individuals and families affected by epilepsy in order to inform, support and empower in the fight against epilepsy and in pursuit of a better quality of life.

Helpline Services:  10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(Mon-Friday, excluding Holidays)

Helpline | 1.800.564.0445 | Email

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Information Packet 

Free Information Packet includes:

– Epilepsy info and resources

– Invitation to a program, event or group

– Seizure first aid and safety instructions

– Seizure Alert bracelet/necklace (on request)

– Pillboxes

Support Groups

Support Groups meet periodically for information updates and benefit from two-way sharing in an understanding, empathetic group setting. Each group meeting may have a different topic or focus but, over a period of time, participants will benefit from the education, socializing, self-help, and idea-sharing that occurs. Please join a Group if you desire to learn more and/or connect with others.

Our Enews and Network Emails feature upcoming Groups in the region.  Sign-up for a Network and for Enews.

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Enews+Program Announcements

EFGLA Support Groups

Monthly Discussion / Support Group
Held Second Sunday of Every Month
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
EFGLA, 5777 West Century Blvd, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Support Group – Thousand Oaks 
Held Second Tuesday of Every Month
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Goebel Adult Community Center – Valley Lupin Room
1385 E Janss Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


Other Groups in the Community

We will periodically post other Support Groups led by members of our advisory board and particularly groups where we are co-sponsors. 

Contact us for updates and notices of additional groups or cancellations.

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you seek… 

Leave no stone

-Edward Bulwer Lytton

Families of Children with Epilepsy
Events for Families

Our supportive care program offers Family Events so families of children with epilepsy can connect with others. The events offer a chance to meet and learn from others in a fun setting. Parents are able to talk to a specialist. Siblings are able to meet other siblings who understand, because we recognize the impact a chronic illness has upon the entire family. Examples of Family Events include:

  • Family Picnics. Families come together for picnic food and fun — games, arts-n-crafts, three-legged and potato-sack races, water balloon toss and more. 
    Photos: Family Picnic
  • Family Holiday Party. The entire family can enjoy the holiday fun, games, gifts and meet others.
    Photo: Family Holiday Party
  • Family Day. This all day program offers camp-like recreational activities and fun and the chance to try new things, gain independence and have fun with others.
  • Family Weekend Camp. A weekend for children and their immediate relatives – siblings, parents/guardians – to connect with others and have fun in a safe and supportive environment. Activities include arts & crafts, woodshop, fishing, archery, boating, swimming, indoor/outdoor games, and much more! See how camp is extra important to families living with epilepsy. 
  • Kids Crew. Kids have big hearts and are able to do amazing things. Through Kids Crew, they can create epilepsy awareness to help educate family, friends, and the community.  Join now.

Find out about Groups:

Events Calendar
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Expand your


New people.
New experiences.

Adults with Epilepsy
Social Outings for Adults+Friends

As part of our supportive care program, we host social outings for our Network for Adults. The Network launched in 2012 with a Dinner+Dance Gala featuring Damon’s Steakhouse food,  live DJ music, and lots of dancing. Friendships were started and strengthened. Each year we offer one to two social outings for adults with epilepsy and their guests so they can make and renew friendships, learn something new, and have fun together. Events vary depending on interest and funding. Examples of social outings have included:

– Bowling
– Hiking
– Beach volleyball
– Holiday social
– Visit to LA LIVE
Link to photo album

Network members are welcome to organize do-it-yourself events and invite other members using the Network’s Facebook. 

Connect with others at Groups.

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Events Calendar
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A day with Placido Domingo at the Opera!


Other resources:

Other helpful resources are available in our
digital Resource Center.

Public Transportation+Paratransit Services
Government Assistance

Client Education
Helpline, Information Packet and Epilepsy 101

Our Helpline and Information Packet are often the first source of information. You can obtain basic epilepsy information on the phone and/or by scheduling an “Epilepsy 101”. Learn about epilepsy, treatments and tips+tools for living with epilepsy.
800.564.0445 | Email 

Seizure First Aid

Make sure you know how to recognize your loved one’s seizures and know how to provide appropriate seizure first aid and ensure needed safety measures. 
Seizure First Aid

Resource Center

The Brian Alan Sitomer Memorial Resource Center offers a variety of resources for different audiences. The purpose is to provide ready access to information, resources and tools that help in this fight — whether you have epilepsy or know someone who does. We invite students doing epilepsy projects for school to use our Resource Center.

Adults with Epilepsy

End Epilepsy Summit

Attend the annual End Epilepsy Summit (English and Spanish) conference where you can listen to and meet the experts and attend workshops on epilepsy-related issues, lifestyle, and coping strategies.

Learn more


From time to time we offer or partner with others to provide seminars or webinars of interest to our clients and families. Information is available in our monthly Enews. 

Workshop+Social Events 

The Workshop+Social Events are designed to connect the community affected by epilepsy to information and to each other. For get information and register for Events in your area: View Upcoming Events

Community Connect

We offer Community Connect as a service to connect people affected by epilepsy to events and activities in their community that may be of interest to them. See our monthly Enews to get information on other activities and resources in your area — seminars, webinars, health fairs, and networking opportunities. 
(Disclaimer: While we encourage participation, we do not bear responsibility for the content, meeting, or advice provided by independent resources and organizations and so we encourage participants to independently evaluate.)
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Advocacy is information leading to change.

Sharing accurate information about epilepsy.

Individual Advocacy – Advocate for Self/Family

Individual advocacy is when someone comes alongside to help you solve a problem or challenge or overcome a barrier in your life or in the life of your loved one with epilepsy. Based on our staffing and your needs, individual advocacy assistance may be provided in different ways:

– Help advocate with and for you to address your need in the arenas of healthcare, school or workplace.

– Refer you to another community, professional, legal resource or organization that specializes in your area of need, such as legal advocacy, individual (civil) or disability rights.

– Invite you to a training on how to be a more effective self-advocate.

– Provide epilepsy training in your school or workplace to help promote understanding, safety and accommodation.

– Refer you to an experienced peer-mentor who can advise you.

Legislative Advocacy – Advocate for each other

Recognizing the need for a united voice for people with epilepsy in California, we helped create and continue to be involved as an active founding member of Epilepsy California

The purpose is to help ensure the rights and optimize the opportunities of our community in all walks of life. We invite everyone to participate as an advocate for others — for each other — in this fight. This means educating community and state and federal leaders and key decision-makers about epilepsy so they are more aware of and sensitive to the needs and concerns of families with epilepsy.

Visit to see our positions and to know which bills we are active in supporting. We need everyone to join us as advocates.

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Scholarship Assistance

Program Scholarships

Nominal fees are charged for some of our programs, but we do not want anyone to miss out because of limited resources. Thus, for all our programs, we offer program scholarships that are available upon request (application process may apply).

Lizzie Saft College Scholarships 

Adults with epilepsy who need college or vocational training scholarships should request information about our Lizzie Saft College Scholarship Fund. Request information and forms. Preference is given to those who are active in our programs.

Email: Lupe Martinez


Care+Cure Grants

Specialty Grants

One of our chief objectives is to increase access to and quality of pediatric epilepsy care in our region. To help accomplish this objective our Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles:

Dietary Therapy Programs

We awarded grants to launch and maintain the Dietary Therapy Programs at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, LAC+USC Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Training Epilepsy Fellows

We awarded grants to support the training and work of 27 doctors in training to be pediatric neurologists, pediatric epileptologists and EEG fellows at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, LAC+USC Medical Center and University of California San Francisco.

Epilepsy Research

We are the largest Epilepsy Foundation affiliate sponsor of epilepsy research throughout the United States.

Connect with Others
Network for Adults

This is our network to connect adults of all ages with a diagnosis of epilepsy who want to come together for mutual support and to learn more and exchange information with each other. The purpose is to empower adults with epilepsy, improve quality of life, combat isolation and unite together in the fight to END EPILEPSY. Joining the Network will allow you to participate in events and activities to the extent each person wants.

Joining the Network for Adults is free and easy! We invite adults with epilepsy who are 18 or older to join.

Join Network for Adults


Kids Crew

Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew is a program for kids ages 14 and under of all abilities, with three areas in mind:

1. Creating epilepsy awareness to help educate family, friends, and your community.
2. Sharing your stories so that others can learn from your experiences.
3. Participating in Lemonade for Livy, the Purple Pumpkin Project, and local walks.

Kids are some of the best advocates, make a difference, and can make a tremendous impact on the community with their experience.

Join and learn more about Kids Crew

Community Connect

Community Connect exists to connect people affected by epilepsy to events and activities in their community that may be of interest to them. Stay informed of “Community Connect” by following our monthly Enews to get information on other activities and to learn about other resources in your area — seminars, webinars, health fairs, and networking opportunities. 

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Community Education+School Trainings
Seizure First Aid Training

Includes basic epilepsy training on seizure recognition and seizure first aid in various community settings can be adapted for different audiences: 

– School Personnel (Teachers, Nurses, Administrators, and Support Staff) **
– Law Enforcement Personnel
– First Responders
– Service Providers
– Community Agencies
– Companies/Corporations
– Students, Individuals, Friends and Family Members

Training Objectives

Individuals who complete this training will be able to:

– Provide accurate information about epilepsy
– Identify different types of seizures
– Know what to do and what not to do when someone is having a seizure
– Share about epilepsy with others
– Have a greater confidence when caring for individuals with epilepsy

**In school settings, specifically, the training will also help equip attendees with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage student with seizures by supporting positive treatment outcomes, maximizing educational and developmental opportunities, and ensuring a safe and supportive environment.

Request a training today

Brain Exhibit

The Brain Exhibit is the main platform for delivering messages about brain health and wellness. This large inflatable brain exhibit is an interesting and engaging platform to learn about the brain. The Exhibit features different structures of the brain and how those structures function.

The Brain message highlights the importance of caring for the brain and how everyone – no matter what their age – can care for their brain.

Since seizures come from the brain and anyone with a brain can have a seizure, the visitors are then taught how to recognize seizures and how to perform seizure first aid.

Learn more about the Brain Exhibit Program! 

Please note that we are extremely limited on how frequently the Brain Exhibit is able to travel out into the community.


Request Epilepsy Training/Presentation

Request a Presentation

We are eager to educate our community about epilepsy. Schools, employers and agencies can request a presentation. We encourage the organizers to schedule a couple presentations on the same day or to invite all your employees and/or personnel from a wider region together for the presentation.

There may be a presentation fee to help cover the cost of transportation and staff time. Limited scholarships for trainings are available.

Please note that we are limited on the number of Brain Exhibits we can provide, so we are unable to fulfill every request. However, we do encourage you to submit your request and we will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm.

Request Seizure Recognition+First Aid Training

Learn About+Request the Brain Exhibit


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