End Epilepsy Supports Sibs4Sibs Video Project – Accepting Submissions!

End Epilepsy is proud to announce the launch of the Sibs 4 Sibs Project! This exciting project is the idea of 15-year-old, Maddie, whose younger brother has epilepsy. Maddie came up with the idea for siblings of people with epilepsy to share their stories and experiences on video and she is asking those who have siblings with epilepsy to contribute.

This project is an opportunity for the brothers and sisters of people with epilepsy to connect, share experiences and ultimately show their support for their siblings, each other and the epilepsy community, at large. In a heartfelt letter to the community, Maddied explained how her brother’s epilepsy has affected her life. 

“When I was younger, it took me time to digest what was truly happening to my little brother and how it truly impacted our family, good and bad. While his health and making his seizures stop was always my wish, adjusting to people who would stare or make insensitive comments took time. I was really self-conscious, I just wanted to fit in and have a “normal” family.” Maddie writes.

She also believes she isn’t alone in having felt that way and that’s why this project is so important. 

“I want to make sure that siblings of people with epilepsy can find a way to share their stories and know that other people are in similar situations. I want siblings to feel support knowing that they are part of a larger group.” she says.

The Sibs4Sibs Project page contains her full letter, along with instructions for how to submit to the project. Maddie plans on taking all of the video submissions and edit them into a final project that she will then post and share with the community and the world. 

Nathan Jones, a project coordinator at End Epilepsy, is impressed with someone so young taking on such a large project. 

“I was thrilled after Maddie told me about her idea and everyone at End Epilepsy is excited to watch this project grow. Siblings of people with epilepsy have a unique perspective and it’s great to see them take initiative in the fight to End Epilepsy. I really look forward to seeing the submissions we get from the Sibs4Sibs Project.” Jones said. 

Maddie and the Sibs4Sibs project will be taking submissions through February 8th and these submissions are not limited to siblings in certain age groups or to siblings in the Greater Los Angeles area.

For more information visit: www.endepilepsy.org/sibs4sibs or email: sibs4sibs@endepilepsy.org