“…through our
collective efforts we

persevere and stay hopeful.”

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Our Appeal Letter

Dear Friends,

In recent weeks, you may have felt my same sense of grief and paralysis watching as the devastating fires and shootings traumatized our friends and neighbors.

During these times, we have the opportunity to show our humanity and to put on our mantle of strength and help lift up those who have fallen into despair, even if we don’t think we have it in us.

It is always through our collective efforts we persevere and stay hopeful. And, I am immensely grateful that we serve as a resource for one another when each of us, at some time, faces an event that shatters us.

My family has been a client of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles (EFGLA) since our son, Clayton, was diagnosed with a very rare and catastrophic type of epilepsy sixteen years ago. Then and now, the EFGLA is our main source for access to specialty care, education, community and advocacy.

Due to the immense gratitude I have for the EFGLA, I have devoted sixteen years as a volunteer, advocate, donor, fundraiser, board member and, now, as board president. I am indebted to you and other generous donors who answered the call to action to support the Foundation to serve families like mine.

Please consider continuing your financial support to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles, so that the 1 in 26 people diagnosed with epilepsy and their families can also have the opportunity to put on that mantle of strength in seeking a life of great quality and service.

With sincere gratitude,

Azita Karimkhany Fatheree
Board President, Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles



Please consider a year-end or a new-year gift to support care, advocacy, research and education in our fight to End Epilepsy. Click on the ‘DONATE HERE!‘ button below or visit donate.epilepsy.com/GiveYeGLA. If you have any technical difficulties making an online donation or need further assistance, please call Hannah at our office by phone (310.670.2870) or email (HEnriquez@EndEpilepsy.org).

In the words of the newest members

of our board and staff team…

We are fortunate to have dedicated board leadership and a growing, committed staff team.
But, we can’t fulfill our mission without YOU – our donors, volunteers and partners.
Thank you for your past support. Make a gift today to help us continue to make a positive impact.

In Our Words...

“My daughter’s pediatric epileptologist came from a fellowship training program supported by the EFGLA…this program gave our daughter and thousands of other children the ability to be seen by an expert…these and other EFGLA programs have come from many years of people caring and giving, way before my daughter was born.”

Dr. Tom Minahan
Board Member

“There are tens of thousands of individuals and families in Southern California affected by epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles is their greatest advocate. And by connecting those individuals and families with the resources they need–knowledge, community, and perhaps most important, each other–to be empowered and become advocates for themselves and their loved ones.”

David Parker
Board Member

“It can be easy to think you are alone in this fight…as a parent, I learned the EFGLA has been in this fight since 1957 making a difference in the lives of those who need help. It is so important to speak up and join this fight. This is for our loved ones, our family, our friends, and our neighbors…taking action begins with ourselves.”

Samuel Koh
Board Member

“EFGLA gives a voice to those who have been silenced by epilepsy…they have never forgotten that my Genevieve was not a number or statistic. She was a real, live, amazing person with dreams far bigger and stronger than her frail body could hold… she dreamed of a world where no one else suffered from epilepsy.”

Tracy Estrada-Hiett
Board Member

“EFGLA has been there for me since diagnosis in the early 2000’s…through the EFGLA I learned about epilepsy and different treatment options. My ongoing involvement allows me to spread the positive words…’I have epilepsy, it doesn’t have me!’.”

Anjie LaCuran
Inland Empire Program Associate

“I joined the EFGLA team to be part of a great organization committed to an even greater cause. Epilepsy affects millions worldwide and EFGLA is committed to providing a number of services and care while we continue all efforts to END EPILEPSY. I am so honored to be a part of the EFGLA Team.”

Hannah Enriquez
Development Coordinator

“I am grateful and honored to be part of the EFGLA…an organization committed and vigilant about the mission and a team who are truly helping others. ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ – Confucius.” 

Mary Jefferson
Program Coordinator

“EFGLA is so much more than the fight to End Epilepsy.  It means friendship, support, spreading awareness and helping others.  Sometimes when we get involved with a cause that effects our family, it ends up changing our life in unexpected ways.”  

Lori Bonfiglio
Ventura County Program Associate

“When I finally reached out to EFGLA…I found endless resources of information and met other families through the educational workshop and family weekend camp. I found HOPE that led to passion, perseverance, and determination to bring education, safety, awareness, and acceptance to Ventura County.”

Carolyn Grimm
Ventura County Program Associate

“EFGLA matters because those diagnosed with epilepsy matter, not just on the day of diagnosis but each day after as they battle this traumatic disease. And they need a partner. As a woman with epilepsy, I am both a patient seeking resources while also seeing how hard EFGLA works to provide access to resources and support for all those affected. The need is too great not to support one another.”

Megan Davis
Orange County Development and Program Manager