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to End Epilepsy!

Help us continue the fight to End Epilepsy!

Our Appeal Letter

Dear Friends of the Foundation,

Thank you for your faithful support for our fight to End Epilepsy.

Like many of you, our Board members and their families are affected by epilepsy so they know first-hand the importance of this fight. Four of our board members have epilepsy, eleven have children with epilepsy, and one lost a half-brother to epilepsy. Our Board leaders’ stories reflect the diverse range of epilepsies and their varied experiences help guide our organization. They are united with you in the fight to End Epilepsy.

Because of your generosity and the leadership and generosity of our Board members, we have been able to expand specialty epilepsy care in our region; provide supportive care through camps, groups and activities; continue advocacy in Sacramento and D.C.; fund research; educate families about epilepsy diagnosis and treatment at our workshops and summit conference and also train on seizure recognition and first aid in our schools and community.

Our Board joins me in urging you to continue your generous support. We depend on you so we can continue strong in the fight to End Epilepsy.

With gratitude, 

Susan Pietsch-Escueta
Executive Director

P.S. Thank you to Clayton Fatheree and his family for letting us feature a photo of him at the 2017 Walk to End Epilepsy in the banner above. One of many inspiring moments at the Walk was when Clayton walked with his parents across the finish line.


Please consider a year-end or a new-year gift to support care, advocacy, research and education in our fight to End Epilepsy. If you have any technical difficulties making an online donation or need further assistance, please call Michelle at our office by phone (310.670.2870, ext.9266) or email (


We are in this fight together.

Be inspired by our Board and
learn why they are in this fight.

Meet Our Board
    Board President & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    "My son Sebastian’s courage inspires me in this fight. Who inspires you? Let’s fight to End Epilepsy together."

    Board Vice President & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    "Opened our eyes to a new breed of family-hood. Taught us patience. I joined the board to improve the lives of people living with epilepsy. "

    Board Member & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    "I walk FOR and WITH my daughter Josie … for a cure and for the day when ... NO ONE will ever have a seizure again. A cure will happen if we just keep swinging."

    Board Member & Parent of a Child With Epilepsy

    “I want to contribute to an organization that can effect change for everyone who is thrust unexpectedly into the
    epilepsy community. ”

    Board Member & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    "I want other parents to know how to navigate the murky waters of this diagnosis"

    Board Treasurer & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    “Joining the board and making a positive difference … for families living with this terrible disease was a call to action that re-energized my life.”

    Board Member & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    "I serve on the Board because epilepsy is common enough that no family should ever feel lost because of a diagnosis."

    Board Member & Adult with Epilepsy

    "... we need to raise awareness and help everyone on the epilepsy spectrum ... most don't talk about epilepsy but I have yet to run into somebody that has had no interaction with epilepsy."

    Board Member & Parent of an Adult with Epilepsy

    "The only thing I dislike more than epilepsy is doing nothing about epilepsy. "

    Board Member & Parent of Children with Epilepsy

    "While we have found resources to help our own children, we learned that living with Epilepsy and finding the right doctors is not easy. We hope to help others find resources ..."

    Board Member & Adult with Epilepsy

    "The board has opened up my eyes to those who suffer from severe forms of epilepsy and shown me the depth commitment people have toward curing epilepsy."

    Board Member & Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

    "EFGLA was there for me when my daughter was diagnosed and I was scared and craving information and connection to others... It's meaningful for me to give back to other families..."

    Board Member & Sibling

    "I continue to dream of a day when everyone can be seizure-free and epilepsy has little to no impact on the lives of those who currently suffer from this debilitating medical condition."

Your support makes us stronger in the fight to
End Epilepsy.

Year End Report

We thank all who support our care, advocacy, research and education programs in the fight to End Epilepsy. Through our active programs in these four areas we are able to continue to effect change and give greater hope to many of the almost 190,000 families living with epilepsy in our region. Below are some highlights of the programs and services you help support throughout the year.