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As you may recall my daughter, Audrey, suffered pretty brutally from epilepsy. I say that using the past tense because today, she is fine (i.e., no longer suffering from seizures and their effects). However, 5 years ago, that was not the case.  We spent countless days in and out of ambulances, hospitals and doctors’ offices.  It was stressful and exhausting.  Nevertheless, and in spite of the anxiety and exhaustion caused by this disease, our family decided to fight for ourselves and for others.  Ignoring the stigmatization and fear associated with epilepsy, we became vocal activists and self-proclaimed spokespeople for those who didn’t or couldn’t find their own voice.  We joined forces with the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and with the help of Team Audrey Kaller and a lot of great and loyal supporters, we’ve raised a lot of money and awareness to battle this disease. Additionally, both Audrey and I traveled to Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on behalf of epilepsy-related legislation and I serve on the board of trustees for the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. So, suffice it to say, this is super important to us. Because Audrey is no longer suffering, we take the energy and time that were given back to us and we sink our teeth into helping people that are far less fortunate.

So, what about the shoe? Inspired by the great Werner Herzog (see link below), I am issuing this challenge: if we raise $250,000 by Thanksgiving (or sooner!), then I will EAT MY SHOE .  Don’t you kind of want to see that?  How am I actually going to do it? I have no idea, but together, we will figure it out (watch for more videos in the coming weeks)! The shoe is symbolic of The Walk to End Epilepsy (which takes place on November 5 at The Rose Bowl) and is also a metaphor for putting yourself into the shoes of those suffering from epilepsy and its effects (I know, it’s ironic that I will in fact be putting the shoe in me , but let’s not get caught up in the logic of this thing!). Also, my amazing clients, Rhett & Link featured the challenge (when it was only $100,000) on their “Good Mythical Morning” show on YouTube (link below).  We are hopeful that the Mythical Beasts will rally behind us!!

Please click on the donate button and contribute.  If you think that this is entertaining, pass it along to your friends and family (or your enemies if you want to waste their time).  As you can see, I am pretty much prepared to do anything to raise money for this cause.  Please help me.

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DONATE NOW, Adam Eats A Shoe!



Links: Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe, Good Mythical Morning with Rhett + Link

Adam Eats A Shoe Announcement


and then THIS HAPPENED….



Pod Say What??
Watch the Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor from Pod Saves America discuss how one might eat a shoe to End Epilepsy!

#ShareMyShoes Campaign

Join Adam and our other Walk to End Epilepsy team captains to raise awareness. We invite you to share your images of your shoes and your reasons why we must End Epilepsy. By sharing your photos with the hashtag #ShareMyShoes on social media, it will display the determination and persistence of our fight not stopping until epilepsy is history. 


About Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning (GMM) with Rhett & Link is the most-watched daily show online, featuring a wide range of informative discussion topics in pop culture with quirky, entertaining twists.

On the episode, Blind Nut Milk Taste Test (S12 E27), they announce the Adam Eats A Shoe challenge and also donate $1,000 from the Wheel of Mythicality!!! A Big THANKS to everyone at GMM and let’s help Adam reach his goal. (so he has to eat his shoe!)