End Epilepsy Family Day at The Painted Turtle

Families of children with epilepsy were invited from all over the Greater LA region for a day of fishing, archery, boating and just about every other fun thing under the Lake Elizabeth sun for the End Epilepsy Family Day celebration. End Epilepsy joined with The Painted Turtle camp to host over 30 families for a day of fun, connecting, and sharing stories. 

The day began at 10:00AM when families were greeted by The Painted Turtle’s excellent and enthusiastic staff. After a brief welcome and introduction families were put in teams. Guided by their team leaders they had the opportunity to do arts+crafts, go swimming, pet horses, do archery, catch fish, play basketball, dress up in costumes and have spontaneous dance parties. And then of course there were the boats. Families got to use a variety of paddle boats and kayaks and cruise on the campground’s lake causing some of the biggest smiles of the day!

After lunch, while campers decorated air-propelled rockets, the parents had an “Epilepsy and My Child” Q&A with Dr. Shaun Hussain of UCLA Pediatric Neurology. 

The day wound down around 4:00PM with many families leaving having made new friends and lots of new memories. And hugs. Lot of hugs from the Painted Turtle staff members! The End Epilepsy team would like to thank the close to 150 people who attended and, of course, the wonderful staff at The Painted Turtle for making this year’s Family Day one to remember!